Keeping the Barn




They are the centerpiece of any farm or ranch. Montana features a rich heritage connected to barns. There are more than 6000 historic barns in the state, but that number is rapidly falling. It’s a difficult dilemma for farmers and ranchers; when to hold on or when to let go. The 90-minute show follows the Brouwer family, near Manhattan, as they struggle with the cost and complication of fixing the roof on their barn. They discover it is no easy task maintaining their piece of history. During their journey to repair the barn, this program also features Montana families from the mountains of the southwest to the prairies of the northeast as they try to maintain their historic barns. There are even some quick visits to some of Montana’s more unusual barns. Ultimately, they all have one thing in common. Their personal stories reflect the meaning and nostalgia of these beautiful buildings.

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